a modern office for construction management, developed sustainable built concepts, which prevent construction damages , reduce and optimize your consumption of energy, with all modern conveniences.

Since 2006, in all countries of the EU, energy performance labelling for residential and non-residential buildings (new and existing) are obliged.

We study your proberty , building component, or installation engeneering and protocol the condition. We support you to choose the right solution to improve the performance of your energy wastage without a loss of comfort.

Do you want to save energy costs and step up the value of your real proberty ?

We show you, how it works!

Take advantage of our broad experience, in :

- energy performance certification for new and existing buildings, energy-advising
- consulting for proper componet, mould fungus studies
- strategy of modernisation concepts
- design photovoltaics- and solarthermic facilities
- constructional consulting and construction management

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